Recovering and recycling used vegetable oil right across the whole of the United Kingdom and further afield.

Enviroil offers an unparalleled level of excellent customer service and absolute transparency to bring our clients the very best price for their waste oil, the quickest turnaround in collection, processing and payment, and the total reassurance of a safe, secure and ethical recycling system, which protects the global environment and contributes to a sustainable local fuel source.


Trusted Collectors - Our expert team of collectors are fully qualified, friendly, and can be completely trusted to collect your used oil in a safe and effective way around the North West, the whole UK, and from across the Atlantic.

Flexible For You - And they're totally flexible to fit with your business and your frequency of oil use. They'll come as often, or as little as your require. 

Sell Your Oil- We'll always give you the very best price for your used oil, so you profit effectively from recycling your vegetable oil.

Save On Disposal - Not only will you make money from selling your used oil, we'll always save you money on the legal disposal of your waste oil, so you don't have anything to worry about. 


Duty Of Care - Upon collection of your waste vegetable oil, we'll issue you waste transfer notes and a duty of care notice, so you can confidently show you've disposed of your oil legally.

State Of The Art - Our vegetable oil recycling plant in Oldham, Greater Manchester has the most technically advanced equipment to effectively process your waste cooking oil.

Easy Access - With pre-arranged delivery times too, dropping off any large containers of used vegetable oil is extremely simple, and our plant is very easy to reach.

Efficient Processing - With our state of the art recycling plant, we can process your used cooking oil extremely quickly and efficiently, getting you the money you've earned sooner than you might expect, for companies in Doncaster, London, Wales and America.

Safe & Transparent - We follow the highest environmental standards and regulations, and health and safety is absolutely paramount to us. Our entire process is completely transparent too, so you will know exactly what happens to your used vegetable oil.


Green Credentials - As a business which practices an environmentally friendly disposal of oil, you'll be able to confidentially assure your customers of your green credentials and carbon footprint reductions. 

Local Environment - Between us both, we're working towards making the local environment in Manchester and around the UK a nicer, greener place to live, by reducing the disastrous disposal of used oil in drains, sewers and the countryside. 


Ethical & Sustainable - You can be confident that you're doing the right thing too, participating in an ethical and sustainable recycling process which produces an output product that can be reused. 

Community Support - The recycled vegetable oil we generate goes on to be converted to a number of biofuel products, which power our local school, hospitals and many other important building and services in the area.