Q: What Is Used Or Waste Vegetable Oil?

A: Any kind of oil which has been used in a cooking process is classified as used or waste vegetable oil. This oil cannot be disposed in a usual way via refuse collection or by pouring it down the drain, and must be recycled properly.

Q: Why Do I Need to Recycle Used Cooking Oil?

A: It’s important for homeowners and businesses to recycle their used vegetable oil in order to protect the local environment of communities in which they live. Used oil poured down drains can cause them to get clogged, and can result in sewer systems becoming blocked. Oil poured outside into the local environment can harm wildlife and vegetation, as well as infecting local water supplies.


Q: What Does It Cost To Recycle Vegetable Oil?

A: It can cost businesses a lot of money to dispose of used vegetable oil as well as time and effort, if they don’t know a waste recycling company they can trust. Rather than costing you money, by using Enviroil, we’ll actually pay you for your used cooking oil.


Q: How Do I Arrange A Collection?

A: To discuss your waste oil recycling needs and arrange a collection of your used oil, simply get in touch with us via our Contact page.