Trusted, Valued, And Delivering On Promises


Transforming The Waste Vegetable Oil Industry

Since its inception to combat the negativity surrounding the recycling of used cooking oil around the globe, Enviroil has been revitalising and rejuvenating the whole vegetable oil industry, earning the trust and respect of national businesses, area community leaders and local residents, as it transforms the collection of waste oil into a safe and sustainable process. 

We wanted to change attitudes about the industry, and three generations of a family run business later, we’ve established ourselves as a company which operates both ethically and sustainably, providing our clients with an exceptional service and great value for money, along with assurances of what’s going to happen to their used vegetable oil.

Providing Extra Value For Your Business

We’re trusted by clients all over Manchester, the North West, and the UK, because of our totally transparent process, our dedication to offering the best price and the quickest turnaround of recycled vegetable oil, and our commitment to protecting the local environment and support for a greener planet. 



We work with local businesses who want a safe and cost effective way to dispose of their waste cooking oil, that fully meets environmental standards and legal regulations, and gives them excellent value for money. Disposing of vegetable oil can be very costly, but with Enviroil, we’ll not only collect your oil direct from your business via one of our trusted collectors, we’ll also make sure we pay you the very best prices for your oil, which you can then use to support your business and the local economy. 

Protecting The Local And Global Environment

And our transparent recycling process means that businesses can rest safe in the knowledge that they’ve done the right thing by working with Enviroil, not just for their bank accounts, but for the environment too. Our clients know exactly what we do with their used vegetable oil, as we safely transport it back to our state of the art recycling plant in Oldham, where we sustainably process it for use in a number of different bio fuel varieties.

Instead of dumping oil down drains and causing environmental disasters, as many ‘waste oil management’ firms do, at Enviroil, we’re consistently working hard to streamline our recycling process to get the most value from used vegetable oils, which we can then pass along to biofuel manufacturers for use again in local schools, hospitals and other community buildings.


Ethical, sustainable, and the best price in the region for used vegetable oil.